Tell us if this is you…

You’re an HR professional at a large corporation with lots of employees, vendors, and partners across different locations…
An HR professional looking keenly
an employee looking at a colleague
You know that employee benefits are crucial, but you just can’t find a provider that caters to everyone’s needs..
How do you find perks for your riders in Kano and your employees in Lagos?
surprised professional
a stressed employee
You end up leaving a portion of your workforce unsatisfied and waste money on perks they can’t access…

Not you? Maybe this is you instead…

You’re an HR professional at a small company with less than 20 employees…
an HR professional
business owner calculating
As a small business, you can’t afford to offer competitive salary and your current staff keep leaving for better-paying companies…
Your employee turnover is high and you can’t find affordable perks and benefit packages that actually work…
a tired hr professional

Not you? We’ll give it one last try…

a c-level executive
You’re a C-Level Executive at a blossoming startup with a culture-first mindset…
You know that employee satisfaction and engagement are key to building a strong company culture…
happy employees at a workstation
photo of two conversing colleagues
But your current benefits plan feels basic and many employees look enviably at larger startup with wider perks…
You end up paying for employee benefits that don’t improve employee satisfaction because your employees didn’t pick them…
stressed business owner

If you fit into any of the 3 situations, we have some good news…

Enter Motherboard…

The perks and benefits platform that lets employers and HR professionals provide flexible benefits for the entire workforce.
Think of Motherboard as your personal shopping mall.

But instead of shoes and clothes, we've got everything from gym memberships and HMO plans to food perks and airtime vouchers.
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Can't find yourself? No worries. Register for our live demo to find out how Motherboard can work for you.
Need more convincing?
Without Motherboard
It’s difficult to provide different benefits to workforce categories (e.g. contract staff vs full-time)
You have to use one benefit provider for all staff. People feel left out
You spend hours trying to choose a single provider
You have limited provider options to choose from
Employees are stuck with ineffective providers
Buying takes weeks of negotiations and meetings
You pay heavily for annual contracts
You collect employee benefit data manually and usage is hard to track
With Motherboard
Segment your workforce into groups easily, assign benefits to each group
Employees choose providers that work best for them. No one is left out
Less administrative burden on you; employees do the choosing
1000+ local providers across Nigeria plus international merchants
Employees can switch providers easily
Employees can compare providers and buy in minutes
Pay monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or one-off
Automated tracking and reporting saves time and improves accuracy
Our Numbers speak for us
Companies using Motherboard
Vendors to choose from
Employees enjoying benefits
The best of both worlds
Cost effective benefits for employers. The gift of choice for your workforce.