Keep your workforce healthy with health benefits

From health insurance to pharmacy, spa, and skincare, provide health benefits to keep your employees and partners in good health.
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Provide tailored health plans that suit your employee’s needs
Some employees want maternity covered; others want gym covered, others want spa treatments. With Motherboard, you can provide benefits that work for everyone. You simply assign a budget and they select plans that suit them within your budget.
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Buy plans on behalf of less tech-savvy members
If you have employees and vendors who can’t log onto the platform and select benefits for themselves, we’ve got you. You can buy health plans easily for all or a section of your employees.
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Choose plans that suit your budget easily
With our advanced filtering system, you can filter HMO plans by their payment frequency or by your budget so you can easily see the best health plan for your company
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Why spend hours worrying about the best HMO for everyone?
Motherboard makes it easy to compare health plans from all major HMOs in Nigeria and lets you delegate the burden of choosing to your employees and partners.
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Health plans from 10+ major HMOs
Get access to 30 health plans from Allenzia HMO
Get access to 14 health plans from Avon HMO
Get access to 11 health plans from AXA Mansard
Get access to 54 health plans from Bastion Health
Get access to 24 health plans from CK Line HMO
Get access to 29 health plans from DOT HMO
Get access to 14 health plans from First Guaranty Health
Get access to 18 health plans from Hygeia HMO
Get access to 10 health plans from Leadway Health
Get access to 10 health plans from Lifeworth HMO
Get access to 14 health plans from Phillips HMO
Get access to 27 health plans from RouthageHMO
Get access to 10 health plans from Reliance HMO
Get access to 10 health plans from Wella Health
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How it works

For Employers
  1. Create an account
  2. Invite your workforce
  3. Assign benefits to them
  4. Fund your wallet
For Workforce
  1. Join via employer’s invite
  2. Select an HMO plan
  3. Receive your policy number
  4. Use at hospital