Buying employee benefits should be as simple as shopping in a mall

… and we’ve built the workforce benefits marketplace you need
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Paid for by employers, chosen by employees
It’s time to take the burden off your HR team. Set budgets for benefits in minutes while your workforce chooses the provider that suits them.
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Spend less, provide more
Low cost benefits
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Exclusive discounts, only on Motherboard
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Free-to-use platform
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Save money on unused benefits
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Provide segmented benefit plans
Group your workforce as you like and create tailored benefit plans for them. No more one-size-fits-all benefits.
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Reward employees easily
Recurring benefits
Deploy recurring benefits like health benefits and gym subscriptions and get charged automatically.
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One-time benefits
Send one-time benefits to reward employees for performance or mark special days like birthdays or Worker’s Day.
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One report page to rule them all
No more guessing. No more scattered reports. No more manual calculations. Stay on top of your benefits game with automated reports.
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100s of benefits, 1000s of employees, 1 Motherboard
Manage everything about your workforce perks and benefits from one dashboard. Unlimited members, hundreds of benefits, all on one Motherboard.
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Onboard your workforce on Motherboard in seconds
Onboarding your workforce only takes a few clicks on Motherboard. You can bulk upload your employees via CSV or invite them by email or link.
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How it works

Create an account
Invite your workforce
Assign benefits to them
They claim their benefits 🎉