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From roHealth To Motherboard: Why We’re Transitioning & What This Means

When we first conceived of roHealth in 2021, we recognised the numerous unmet needs of Africa’s thriving workforce. We set out to address the most immediate challenge: improving access to health benefits for African employees. After witnessing the success of our initial venture (roHealth), we felt prepared to expand our scope and tackle the wider challenge facing African employees and employers.

After gruelling months of dedicated hard work, we are proud to announce that roHealth is shedding its skin and becoming Motherboard, a comprehensive benefits management platform designed to enhance benefits access and disbursement for both employees and employers.

Why now?

Over the past decade, we have witnessed a drastic increase in the cost of living across Nigeria and Africa. Still, employers cannot afford to make a commiserate increase in employee compensation. This has led to an increased demand for more flexible and affordable benefits to ease cost and quality of living for employees, without compromising on running costs for employers.

We have seen first-hand the effects roHealth has had on employee health benefits in Nigeria. Employers who use roHealth testify to the importance of flexibility in employee benefits and have shared stories of how it reduces costs for them while providing a better experience for employees.

And now, employers are asking questions about how they can replicate this effect for other employee benefits outside healthcare. We have heard questions like:

  • “How can we provide flexible meals for our employees across the country?”
  • “How can we support our employees on food and groceries in Nigeria?”
  • “Can we provide flexible transportation benefits to our employees?”
  • “How do we ease cost of living for our employees when we cannot afford to increase salaries?”

These are the questions that we built Motherboard as the answer to. We had the expertise of solving this problem for health benefits, and we built Motherboard to transfer that expertise to a wider range of benefits.

screenshot of the Motherboard app home page
Screen from Motherboard

In the coming months, African employees and employers will gain access to a wide range of benefits on the Motherboard platform. We are expanding our offerings to encompass not just health insurance, but areas like food & groceries, transportation, learning & development, travel & work from home, etc.

Why Motherboard?

number 1 employee benefits platform in Arica
#1 employee benefits platform in Africa

The switch from roHealth to Motherboard is an important milestone in this journey. The name “Motherboard” signifies our unwavering commitment to becoming the central hub for employers to navigate the complex landscape of employee benefits; and for employees to access all their benefits on one unified platform.

Just as a motherboard connects and powers the most important components of a computer, we connect Africa’s resilient workforce with the benefits they need to thrive. By doing so, we intend to empower Africa’s flourishing ecosystem to achieve accelerated growth and success.

Under the leadership of our CEO, Lekan Olude (co-founder of Jobberman), Motherboard is set to redefine the landscape of employee compensation via benefits management.

As we transition from roHealth to Motherboard, we are grateful to all our stakeholders who have been part of our growth and success. Together, we will continue to shape the future of benefits management, foster stronger employer-employee relationships, and contribute to the well-being and satisfaction of workplaces across our region.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we embark on a new chapter as Motherboard.

Get started by signing up on Motherboard today.

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